Buy-Trade-Sell: How it Works

Bring your clean, unwrinkled and current style clothing, shoes, purses, and accessories to our store any day, any time during store 

hours. Our buyers will be happy to look through them and choose what we believe our customers want.


No appointment is necessary to sell your clothing, but depending on the amount of sellers waiting ahead of you, you may have to drop off your items. 


Please bring your items neatly folded in boxes or bags. No more than 5 boxes or bags at a time. We do not accept items on hangers.


We do not accept houseware, sleepwear, undergarmets, or swim suits.


We buy according to the current seasons styles and trends. We look for quality and damage-free items. 


If we accept your items, you can choose to receive a trade card or cash on the spot.


You can choose...

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Cucamonga Clothing Exchange